A dependable power source with protection from surges and outages, a UPS will protect your computer and provide uninterrupted attention to your work minus the power woes. Ideal for emergency power to a load when the input power source or mains power fails, shut down or continued operation of manufacturing equipment or computer operations. You can always rely on us to provide best quality UPS through and through.


Router, switches, hub and all other devices that connected you to the internet and manage that connection for all employees, visitors and loved ones. Shuvam Trading gives sales and service for a wide range of networking devices on all levels of usage and scalability.

CCTV camera

CCTV (closed-circuit television) is essential for maintaining security and surveillance over your premises, property and your loved ones. We provide wide range of CCTV solution be it business, private or general purposes, Shuvam Trading is your choice on all things CCTV. You can do surveillance on all of the past events either in images or videos in the quality you want.


From everyday task, gaming, office or video editing, everybody needs a computing solution for their work, pleasure and connecting to the world. We provide desktops, laptops, ultrabooks, notebooks with superb support and maintenance. You will always have us for computer parts and solutions for all of your computing needs.

Air conditioner

For all your cooling needs, an air conditioner is a ideal solution. It serves as ventilation, cooler and humidifier, all in one, so you can never go wrong on providing your home, office or premises with an air conditioner. Shuvam Trading is your goto destination for all you air conditioner solutions.

Biometric device

Need security, only want desired people around your home, office and premises, Shuvam Trading is here to solve this need. A biometric device will give you sigh of relief, helping you to allow people you trust inside your properties. We provide variety of different biometric devices to enable only the trusted people and their movement for your convenience.